Answers to some questions asked about the role of Special Ministers of the Eucharist:

Q.    Why do we have Special Ministers?

A.    When we began as a parish there were no Special Ministers of the Eucharist.  In 1973 Pope Paul VI  described how a lack of sufficient clergy for the sharing of Communion occurred and explained that there was a need for Special Ministers to share the Body and Blood of Christ with their fellow worshipers.

Q.    What are the duties of Special Ministers?

A.    Special Ministers of the Eucharist serve the Church in the most privileged way possible.  In addition to assisting the priests in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass, they take Holy Communion to the sick and housebound and to nursing homes.

Q.    Who are appointed as Ministers?

A.    Any member of the parish willing to assist.

Q.    How many Ministers are required each week?

A.    We need at least 27 Ministers on duty each weekend.  In addition some Ministers are required on a daily basis.

Q.     Do Ministers need any special training?

A.    All newly appointed Ministers attend a training course in the Parish over a six week period.

Q.    For how long are Ministers appointed?

A.    Ministers normally are appointed for 4 years.

Q.    If I want to become a Special Minister what do I do?

A.    If you are interested in becoming a Special Minister please give your name to any of the priests or to the Parish Office.

Sunday Ministers of the Eucharist

Contact:    Bernadette Byrne

Phone    +353-1-286 72 26

Weekday Ministers of the Eucharist

Contact:    Parish office

Phone    +353-01- 2745497