It is with grateful thanks and appreciation that we are happy to announce that the debt incurred by the refurbishment of our church has been cleared.

This is due in the main to the generosity of the parishioners of this parish; also to the hard work of the fundraising group and those who supported the different events. It was further helped by the sale of the Putland Road Presbytery.

Your continued generosity is greatly appreciated for the day to day running of the Parish.

Thank you all once again for your continuing support and God Bless you all.

The Finance Committee.

Day to Day running of the Parish

Funding the ongoing cost of the day to day running of the parish, the money for this will come from the following:

  • Planned giving,(family offering)
  • Fundraising
  • Donations
  • Shrines
  • The Tax Rebate Scheme

Please note:

  • Ist Collection and Dues (Christmas, Easter and Mid-Summer) go to pay the salaries of the priests of the Dublin Diocese including our own priests and also to support the sick and retired priests
  • 2nd Collection goes exclusively to Share for Diocesan administration and also supports New and Developing parishes

We would be grateful to any parishioners who may be in a position to increase their support, and this can be done by one of the following:We very much appreciate the contributions made by so many of our parishioners to the planned giving, those who support fundraising events, shrines or make donations/ bequests, these are very important to the parish and we could not function without them. There is a slight reduction in the total income this year which is understandable, given the current recession.

  • Joining our planned giving (family offering)
  • Standing Order (Forms available)
  • Weekly/Monthly Envelope
  • Supporting Fundraising Events
  • Tax Rebate Scheme

Tax Rebate Scheme

The Tax Rebate Scheme makes money available to the parish from Income Tax without cost to the individual .This applies to PAYE tax payers and to self employed people, though the procedures are different for both.

Once the total identifiable contributions, paid in a year is €250 or more the Revenue will refund a part of the donation to the parish (those on PAYE), and to the individual (those who are self employed)

In our case identifiable contributions come from:

  • Standing Orders
  • Weekly/Monthly envelopes
  • Donations
  • Annual Contributions
  • Payment of Dues (Christmas, Easter, Mid-Summer)

This is a scheme which is well established in other parishes and it can produce much needed extra money for us. We need your support to revive and extend the scheme in our parish.

How is this done?

All the taxpayer has to do to in order for the parish to obtain this tax rebate, is to sign a simple form and return it to the parish office. The Parish Office will submit all information received in one batch to the Diocese for forwarding to the Revenue Commissioners.

You are the Parish Community and we thank God for you all.

Chairperson Finance Committee